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May 2, 2018 husband and me! We might finally be moving! I found a great little house that checks off all the boxes, and that isn't easy with how picky I can be. One of the best features of the house is all of its outdoor space, with a large deck and even larger yard.  The house itself does not have much dining space, but the kitchen opens up onto a deck.  So I am taking advantage of the outdoors to be our entertaining space and, possibly, our main dining area.


When picking outdoor furniture, I always think it’s best to keep it simple.  Why is this?  Several reasons. First of all, it allows you to mix things up by changing cushions, tableware, umbrellas, etc. When your main pieces are easy to match it opens up all sorts of possibilities.  The second reason is I think its great to let nature take over and be front and center  (I mean you are outdoors afterall).


We went with the base of black metal furniture.  Metal won't age as much as wood (and we aren't going for the weathered look).  And black, while it might not scream outdoorsy, but it does bring a certain elegance.  We went through many options but here is the final result:




Designing this house is going to be a lengthy process, but a documented one, so we will keep you updated.



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